11/01/2019 WORKSHOP: Shaking the Family Tree: Oral History, Family History, and Insider Interviews

For many of us, family is the obvious—and sometimes most complicated—place to start our work as oral historians. In this workshop, participants will learn how to use oral history to document and preserve their family stories. We’ll discuss common challenges: convincing your family to participate, delving into sensitive subjects and secrets, and working with interviewees who may suffer from memory loss. We’ll also discuss the potential for oral history to repair and transform relationships. Optional evening activities include a mini family-themed movie fest and an evening of embarrassing family stories, of course!

This workshop is a good fit for novices or advanced oral historians embarking on a family history project, broadly defined—or for those exploring the nuances of “insider” interviews. Also welcome: those working on projects about constructed families or constellations of people intimately related. Special topics: ethics, memory loss, individual and collective memory, song collection. All students receive a resource packet, which includes examples of relevant forms and an e-reader.

Instructor: Suzanne Snider
Location: Drop Forge & Tool, Hudson, New York
Tuition: $575 ($500 for friends/family members who apply together)

Tuition includes an OHSS e-reader, workbook, tote bag and two group meals. A detailed schedule is provided ahead of time for participants.

* This workshop also serves as basic oral history training for those working on projects without a family focus.

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