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Covid-19&Oral History

During the Covid-19 Pandemic there is worldwide advice on how to cope, especially with remote interviewing. Some helpful references below:Image ...
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Documents Explanatory Notes for Interviewers, Oral History Recording Agreement , FAQ, Select a Repository, Principles and Best Practice and more ...
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Singapore XXI IOHA Conference – 23-27 August 2021 ..here.. Call for Papers: Oral History, Place and Environment Discussion published by ...
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NEWSLETTER EDITOR Ann Packer We welcome contributions to the NOHANZ newsletter, published three times per annum. The next deadline is ...
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https://mch.govt.nz/kei-roto-i-te-miru-inside-bubble Hindenburg off many tutorials to help with podcasts:search on 'Hindenburg podcasts' Listen to New Zealand Society of Authors podcastshttps://authors.org.nz/podcasts/ ...
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About us

An unidentified man talking to two small children, in the entrance to a hut, West Coast Region. Williams, Edgar Richard, ...
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2020 NOHANZ/Stout Conference ..here.. 2018 You are welcome to attend the BGM which will coincide with Conference. Read the welcome ...
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Awards for Oral History

NZ Award in Oral History: Comments from: Dr Emma Jean Kelly | Audio Visual HistorianManatū Taonga | Ministry for Culture ...
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Fostering professional standards in oral history, and bringing together those interested in oral history Read more

An unidentified man talking to two small children, in the entrance to a hut, West Coast Region. Williams, Edgar Richard, 1891-1983 :Negatives, lantern slides, stereographs, colour transparencies, monochrome prints, photographic ephemera. Ref: 1/4-101013-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. Cropped http://natlib.govt.nz/records/32049331
An unidentified man talking to two small children, Ref: 1/4-101013-F. Cropped. Alexander Turnbull Library.

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Children’s Commission – Oral History interviews with ex-children’s commissioners

Kia ora koutou,The Office of the Children’s Commission is looking to employ an oral historian to interview the last three surviving Children’s Commissioners as part of the first stage of book project, The job description and the contact details for anyone interested are below. There is some urgency to the project as the current Commissioner, Judge Andrew Becroft, is finishing in the role on 31 October. After that he reverts to being a Judge and cannot comment on government policy, so they want the interview done before then. Because of this it would probably suit someone based in or near Wellington.

Children’s Commission – Oral History interviews with ex-children’s commissioners
The project is essentially the first research phase in what will eventually be a book
about the progress of the Office following on from “Voices of Children” by John
Barrington, which covered the office from its beginnings until 2003.

It will involve interviewing the three surviving Commissioners that have been
appointed since 2003, Dr Cindy Kiro, Dr Russell Wills and the current Commissioner
Judge Andrew Becroft. The interviews should cover the big policy shifts and other
work the Office was involved with during their tenure, including any remaining
societal or political challenges.
There is a hard deadline is the interview with Judge Becroft which will need to be
done before he leaves the office on October 31. At that point he reverts to being a
sitting Judge and can’t comment on public policy. Ideally, the histories will be
gathered by the end of the year, but early next would also fit the time frame.
Two of the interviews will be in Wellington, and one in Hawke’s Bay. The Office of
the Commissioner will pay travel to Hawke’s Bay.
The Commission retain possession of the interviews and the transcript. These are
expected to inform the book project.
If you are interested please email Leah Haines a proposal at L.Haines@occ.org.nz

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  1. Hello, I am a library staff from China. I am looking forward to combining oral history with library resources and services. What I want to know is the differences between the New Zealand Oral History Society’s research and service practices in oral history What unique contributions have you made? Can you introduce in detail the various service practices of New Zealand’s oral history in response to the ever-changing environment? Thank you!

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