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    21-23 September 2018 - Feminist Engagements in Aotearoa

    All day

    WSA(NZ)/ Pae Akoranga Wahine/
    Stout Research Centre for New Zealand Studies
    Feminist Engagements in Aotearoa:
    125 years of Suffrage and Beyond
    Victoria University of Wellington, 21-23rd September 2018
    Call for Papers
    Nau Mai Haere Mai – Welcome
    To mark 40 years of WSA/PAW conferences and 125 years of women’s suffrage in
    Aotearoa/New Zealand, WSA/PAW joins with the Stout Research Centre for New
    Zealand Studies in presenting a conference promoting feminist scholarship and
    activism. The conference will be an opportunity to advance current feminist
    engagements, while acknowledging and understanding the challenges of the past.
    We are committed to supporting many perspectives including those of Māori,
    Pasifika, Tauiwi, Pākehā and ethnic minority women.
    This conference will provide a forum for enduring feminist concerns including
    gendered violence, equal pay, reproduction, race, ethnicity, sexuality and class. It
    will also provide an opportunity to consider contemporary perspectives that
    emphasise intersectionality including issues around environmental sustainability,
    new reproductive technologies, transgender and women’s rights in work places.
    This two and a half day conference is part of a longer conversation in New Zealand
    about women’s rights and feminist activism in the community and academia. We
    hope for new insight and vigorous debate into the current state of feminism in
    New Zealand. To this end, we invite papers from academics, community,
    practitioners, and activists that address the conference themes, as indicated
    The Conference Programme Committee extends a general invitation for individual
    papers, workshops, panel discussions, performances and artistic displays
    addressing other themes relevant to the work of the association. We also strongly
    encourage proposals from community-based women’s groups and senior
    secondary school, graduate, and postgraduate students.
    Registration commences in July. Details will be made available shortly on the
    Association website www.wsanz.org.nz and the Stout Research Centre for New
    Zealand Studies website www.victoria.ac.nz/stout-centre.How to submit a proposal:

    Who can present at the Conference?
    Anyone is welcome to attend the conference subject to registration. We hope that
    presenters will also join the Women’s Studies Association, New Zealand (WSANZ). Details
    of membership can be found on www.wsanz.org.nz/membership. Note that WSANZ
    members receive a discount on conference registration equivalent to the membership fee.
    Conference Convenors
    Professor Ann Weatherall
    School of Psychology
    Victoria University of Wellington
    Associate Professor Kate Hunter
    Director, Stout Research Centre for NZ Studies
    Victoria University of Wellington