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New Zealand

Alexander Turnbull Library oral history page here

Oral History Adviser, Alexander Turnbull Library
Contact the advisor here

New Zealand History on Line – Ministry for Culture and Heritage

Tuia Te Ao Mārama the oral history website of Māori mental health nurses. Oral history interviews with Māori who practised as mental health nurses between 1950-1990.

A website is funded by the Nursing Education and Research Foundation and includes the oral history project undertaken by the University of Auckland in 2012 and 2013

Memories of New Zealand and the Vietnam War

Professional Historians’ Association of New Zealand/Aotearoa PHANZA

Cambodian refugees’ stories told in new book Dominion Post article

Cricket and Oral History your thing? Cricket World Cup 1992

Occupy Christchurch

Funding oral history

Writing funding applications

Funding Assistance

New Zealand Oral History Awards

Jack Ilott Oral History Education Operating Fund

Funding Information Service

Discussion Lists

Painful memories: interviewing survivors of trauma

H-Oralhist Discussion list


Gay Oral History on PrideNZ.com

Vietnam War Oral History Project

28th Maori Battalion

Kilbirnie-Lyall Bay Community Centre Oral History Project

Ohariu Valley Oral History Project

Looking for oral history collections?

There are more than 15,000 recordings in the Oral History and Sound Collection held at the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington. The collection catalogue is not yet available on line. For information about the collection see here

For oral histories held elsewhere you might want to consult Oral History in New Zealand: A Directory of Collections 1992 published by NOHANZ and the Oral History Centre in 1992

For oral history records in New Zealand that relate to the social and economic history of Maori see Monty Soutar’s work for the Crown Forestry Rental Trust in 2003 here

Search Local History Online for digital images and indexes to community newspapers, archives and oral histories relating to West Auckland, Rodney and the North Shore held at the following Auckland libraries: Takapuna (North Shore), Waitakere (West Auckland) and Whangaparoa (Rodney).


H-OralHist is for those interested in oral history studies.  It is part of H-Net, the Humanities & Social Sciences On-Line network, and is affiliated with the Oral History Association (USA).  Subscription is free and subscribers may sign up to receive notifications via email or RSS feeds.  Some of it is not relevant to us here in NZ, and sometimes practices differ, eg reliance on transcriptions, but there can be interesting discussions, notices of internet-based events and links that could be useful.

International Oral History Association

Oral History Australia – with links to state associations

Forgotten  Australians – oral history recordings with people from all over Australia talking about their experiences in institutional care, including ‘Lost Innocents’ (former child migrants) and ‘Forgotten Australians’.

Australian Generations Oral History Project, Monash University
http://arts.monash.edu.au/australian-generations/ with links to national and international oral history associations, projects and collections using oral history, along with scholarly institutions and centres around the world.

Oral History Society (UK)

Sound advice, even though the laws may be slightly different

Oral History Association (US)

Oral History Association (US) wiki (for resources and links)

Storycorps – a national project to provide Americans with the opportunity to record, share and preserve stories http://storycorps.org/

And in the UK The Listening Project

Oxford University Press Blog

Columbia University Oral History Research Office (US)

National Library of Australia Oral History Collection

International Oral History Association conference, 2008

Oral History Association of South Africa

Illinois  State  Museum’s  Oral  History   of  Illinois  Agriculture  project. Searchable  recordings and transcripts.

Oral History and related documentaries

Search “oral history” on the Radio New Zealand website http://www.radionz.co.nz/listen# and you will find a number of programmes including interviews with practising oral historians

BBC Memory Wars a two part documentary in which Alan Dein hears voices of experience from across the globe and from those using oral history to challenge the past. First broadcast on 29 September, 2010
Alessandro Portelli reflecting on his work, illustrating his intellectual journey with reference to the stories of the personal, and the historical, victories and defeats that have inspired his critical contribution.

Talking Heads The Royal Society Science 2010 Lecture Series on Brain and Behaviour in which some of New Zealand’s most distinguished experts on brain and behaviour explore what makes us tick, including: how we learned to talk, how we know who we are, how memories are made, why we do bad things, and what happens when things go wrong?

National Oral History Association of New Zealand
Te Kete Kōrero-a-Waha o Te Motu

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