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The National Oral History Association of New Zealand Te Kete Korero-a-Waha o Te Motu (NOHANZ) provides opportunities for community, professional, and academic oral historians to meet each other and keep up with new developments by organising:

  • national conferences every two years
  • regional seminars
  • occasional workshops and presentations
  • an annual series of talks.

NOHANZ publishes a regular newsletter, an annual journal Oral history in New Zealand, and occasional publications such as Maori and oral history: a collection, edited by Rachael Selby and Alison Laurie, 2005.

NOHANZ was formed in April 1986 as an outcome of the first national oral history conference held in Wellington.

  • to promote the practice and methods of oral history
  • to promote standards in oral history interviewing techniques, and in recording and preservation methods
  • to act as a resource of information and advise on practical and technical problems involved in making oral history recordings
  • to act as a co-ordinator of oral history activities throughout New Zealand
  • to produce an annual journal and regular newsletters
  • to promote regular oral history meetings, talks, seminars, workshops and demonstrations
  • to encourage the establishment of NOHANZ branches throughout New Zealand
  • to compile a directory of oral history holdings to improve access to collections held in libraries, archives and museums.

NOHANZ publishes a Code of ethical and technical practice for the use of all those recording oral history interviews.

You can join NOHANZ through the membership page.


President – Dr Nepia Mahuika
Secretary – Dr Alison Day
Treasurer – Dr Debbie Dunsford
Immediate Past President – Ann Packer

Ruth Low
Susie Milne
Lynette Shum
Dr Cheryl Ware

Ann Packer
We welcome contributions to the NOHANZ newsletter, published three times per annum. The next deadline is 1 April 2019


We are building our network of regional contacts. Please feel free to contact the contact person for your area or the Executive Committee

Region Email to Email Address
Auckland Megan Hutching hutching28@gmail.com
Wellington Paul Diamond   paora@actrix.co.nz
Oamaru Jacqui Foley jacquif@actrix.co.nz
Dunedin Helen Frizzell helen.frizzell@gmail.com
Christchurch Rosemary Baird rosemary.baird@canterbury.ac.nz
Nationally Enquires infonohanz@oralhistory.org.nz
Nationally Membership membershipnohanz@oralhistory.org.nz

National Oral History Association of New Zealand
Te Kete Kōrero-a-Waha o Te Motu
P.O. Box 3819, WELLINGTON, 6140
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Lynette Shum, Ann Packer, Alison Day, Ruth Low, Susie Milne, Dr Debbie Dunsford, Dr Cheryl Ware, Dr Nepia Mahuika