Wellington Workshop: Day one Saturday 24 February

Day One: Introduction to Oral History

Saturday 24 February 2018
8.45am-4.30pm  at The Alexander Turnbull Library
An introduction to oral history methodology.
How to plan an oral history project, choose the best equipment, achieve clear audio recordings, select informants, follow ethical procedures, develop questioning techniques, process oral history, and make the material available for use. Bring a recorder if you have one you intend to use for recording. Exercises to be completed before Day Two will be discussed.

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    NOHANZ Workshop
    Saturday 21 September, 9.30am-1.30pm (with lunch)
    Atrium Building (AT3.49 & 3.50) Massey University,

    Read the Flyer

    Learn how to share your oral histories by publishing journal articles and creating podcasts.
    The event will begin with a discussion about attendees’ oral history projects. This will be a great
    opportunity to learn about the vast range of oral histories underway in Aotearoa. It will also provide
    an important space to share your projects and workshop ideas with fellow oral historians in a friendly
    and supportive environment.
    This will be followed, after morning tea, by two consecutive workshops and lunch.
    Workshop One: Writing a journal article
    You will hear from oral historians and authors Megan Hutching and Janine Irvine.
    The workshop will cover:
    • Insights about the significance of publishing
    • How to write a journal article
    • Getting your work published
    • Key advice on publishing in Oral History in New Zealand
    Workshop Two: Introduction to podcasting
    Hosted by Sue Berman, oral historian at Auckland Libraries.
    The workshop will cover:
    • Conducting interviews for podcasts
    • Turning your oral histories into podcasts
    • Technological advice
    We ask for a $5 koha towards catering.
    Please RSVP to infonohanz@oralhistory.org.nz
    Are you interested in sharing your work?
    We are also looking for 3-4 people to speak about their projects for five minutes each. A projector
    and speakers will be available for you to share sound clips. Please contact
    All Welcome!

    NOHANZ Workshop
    Saturday 21 September, 9.30am-1.30pm (with lunch)
    Atrium Building (AT3.49 & 3.50) Massey University,

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