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Wellington Workshops

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Essentials of Oral History (two day course)

Essentials of Oral History (two day course) has already commenced, please contact atloutreach@dia.govt.nz if you would like to be notified of future workshops in New Zealand or if you would like more information regarding training and support.

Abstracting oral history Saturday and Sunday
6 & 7 December 2014

The abstract is a comprehensive time-coded summary, which serves as a guide to the oral history researcher. Here is an opportunity to practise the comprehension and editing skills needed to compile a reliable and usable abstract. Completion of an Essentials of Oral History Research or a recent equivalent introductory course is recommended but not required.

Please complete the enrolment form on the National Library website natlib.govt.nz/events/essentials-of-oral-history-day-one-wellington

or email ATLOutreach@dia.govt.nz or phone 04 4623977

If you would like more information, please contact us.

NOHANZ has released the following revised and new documents for use by oral historians:

  1. Recording Agreement Form version 2, September 2014 (replaces version 1a)
  2. Oral History Recording Agreement Explanatory Notes for interviewers version 2, September 2014 (replaces version 1b)
  3. Frequently Asked Questions About Completing the Recording Agreement Form (new)
  4. Selecting a Repository

Coming soon: Managing Copyright in Oral History

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The NOHANZ Biennial General Meeting / Workshops and Conference 2014

On the weekend 20 / 21 September 2014 we ran "The Gift of Memory" Conference in conjunction with our Biennial General Meeting and the Friday Oral History Workshops.

The busy weekend of 20,21 September 2014 "The Gift of Memory" is itself now a fond memory.
Conference flyer
Workshops Friday 19 September 2014
Workshop Programme as docx
Workshop Programme as pdf

Comments on the Boston case

The Oral History Society (UK) has issued a statement on the Boston College Belfast Project: more...
The USA Oral History Association has issued a statement: here...
The Oral History Network of Ireland statement:
An online discussion here

Seeking personal histories of women of the First World War

Jane Tolerton is working on a book about the women doctors, nurses, volunteers and writers who played a role in the war overseas.
Jane is the author of the best-selling book An Awfully Big Adventure: New Zealand World War One veterans tell their stories. The book is largely based on oral histories that are now available at the Alexander Turnbull Library, as the World War I Oral History Archive. She also wrote the New Zealand Book Award-winning Ettie, a biography of safe sex campaigner Ettie Rout.

If you have diaries, letters, memoirs, and photographs of these women please contact her jtolerton@gmail.com as she wants to produce a book that is full of personal stories and first-person accounts. It will be a female companion volume to An Awfully Big Adventure. Similarly, it will tell the story of the war chronologically through the eyes of New Zealand participants.

Alexander Turnbull Library oral history workshops

More workshops will be scheduled for later in the year. Please contact ATLOutreach@dia.govt.nz for more information

The New Zealand Oral History Awards

The recipients of the 2013 New Zealand Oral History Awards have been announced here

Workshops Wellington

Read the Wellington Flyer for workshops November, December 2014

Oral History News - Upcoming overseas

Call for Papers

Oral History & Education
Waterloo, Canada
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